Developed with doctors, the Foundation continually conducts surveys to collect the information they need. Participation in these surveys improves our ability to educate medical professionals and others to the true nature of MdDS and is strictly voluntary.

Are you experienced with running surveys?
We are seeking volunteers to help with surveys, from design through deployment to data analysis. Familiarity with QuestionPro preferred but not required.

MdDS Knowledge Base Survey: The 2019 survey is closed for analysis. Its aim is to increase basic information available to medical professionals and researchers through collection of a diverse range of data from those suffering with Mal de Débarquement Syndrome.

Water-related Onset
Survey in development

Geographic Distribution
Survey in development

Treatments and Therapies
Survey in development

Information derived from surveys may be included in aggregate in future presentations to medical or scientific audiences. In this case, you will never be identified; results are coded before being reported to maintain privacy. The MdDS Foundation does not provide personal information, including email addresses, to anyone.

Past Survey Results

Initial Survey Results 2010
Medication Survey Results 2008
Symptom Survey Results 2007
Water-related Survey Results 2010
Clinical Presentation Survey Results 2007
Geographic Survey Results 2006 – MISSING

Invitae Patient Insights Network (PIN)

The MdDS Foundation is actively developing a Patient Registry or PIN with Invitae to collect consistent information to establish and provide accurate patient data to medical professionals and researchers. Collecting and storing data in one place benefits patients, researchers, and biopharmaceutical companies who are working to help find new and better treatments. LEARN MORE

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