In collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the MdDS Foundation and American Brain Foundation (ABF) are funding a Clinical Research Training Scholarship focused on MdDS. Applications are being accepted. The award aims to recognize the importance of good clinical research and to encourage early career investigators in clinical studies in Mal de Débarquement Syndrome and Central Vestibular Neurological Disorders. Subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted when the application period is open and available on the AAN website. SUBSCRIBE NOW

The MdDS Foundation supports biomedical research that generates evidence-based data leading to knowledge regarding the cause, treatment, or prevention of Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS). This funding program recognizes the need for innovative research and scientific advances into these areas.

Applications for research support from qualified investigators are subjected to extramural review in a confidential process. Applications must be provided in the format of a NIH-style grant application (forms at

Face page (NIH form page 1)
Summary (NIH form page 2)
Budget pages including justification (NIH form pages 4 and 5)
Biosketches of key personnel (5 page NIH format)
Specific aims (one page)
Approach (up to twelve pages)

Research approach
Literature cited (unlimited pages)

Protocols for research studies involving the use of human or animal subjects must be approved by an appropriate review board, e.g., institutional review board or institutional animal care and use committee.  Details of these protocols must be appended to the application.

The indirect costs or institutional overhead provided by the Foundation are limited to 10% for applications in excess of $30,000 direct costs and 0% if less than $30,000 direct costs. Grant funds may not be used for indirect costs or institutional overhead associated with the purchase of permanent equipment. Award funds are paid to the recipient’s institution or company in semi-annual payments over the term of the award. Continued funding is contingent upon submission of semi-annual progress and financial reports as well as confirmation that appropriate institutional approvals for human subjects and animal use are current and on file at the institution.

The MdDS Foundation makes awards to institutions, not individuals. Thus, the institution assumes all responsibilities for programmatic, administrative, and fiscal reporting as well local oversight to insure that all compliance and institutional assurances are met. Eligible applicants are: for-profit or non-profit organizations; public/State-controlled institutions of higher education; private institutions of higher education; units of State and local governments; domestic or foreign institutions/organizations.

Sponsor: MdDS Foundation
Address: 22406 Shannondell Drive, Audubon, PA 19403
Web Site:
Deadline: None

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution: No restrictions

Locations Tenable: No restrictions

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