An all-volunteer nonprofit foundation, we seek treatments and a cure for MdDS, a chronic neurological disorder causing the feeling of rocking and swaying, while assisting patients suffering from this life-altering disorder. We support evidence-based research and studies that produce fact-based findings.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MdDS Foundation is to promote education and research on the neurological disorder, Mal de Débarquement Syndrome.


  • To facilitate clinical studies designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of MdDS,
  • To promote basic and clinical research to better understand the cause of this unique syndrome,
  • To collect, collate, and distribute demographic and other information from those with MdDS via online surveys (at present, our findings represent the world’s largest available database about this patient population),
  • To update professionals who provide medical care and treatment to MdDS patients,
  • To provide support and education for patients and families of those with this rare disorder.

Tax-deductible contributions are used to accomplish these goals only. The overhead cost to achieve our goals was less than 2% last year and is budgeted to remain at this level this year. The generosity of donors is absolutely vital as we steadfastly work toward these goals.


Board of Directors

President: Marilyn Josselyn
Research Grants: Linda McManus, PhD
Researcher Liaison and PR: Deb Russo
Treasurer: Terri Gibson
Website: Holly Balog
Fundraising: position open
Provider Outreach: position open
Ruth Goldblatt
Tyler McNeil

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