Russ’ Busy Day at the Lake

I had just spent the 2016 Memorial Day weekend on my parent’s boat and dock. After leaving the lake, we stopped at a favorite eatery. I finally sat down for the first time and felt “it.” I looked at my wife and asked, “Does the floor feel like it’s moving?”

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The Perfect Storm

Young #MdDSwarrior, Ruthanne survived the Perfect Storm. With the support of Friends and family, she is ready for the next step in her #MdDS journey. Read her story and share to #shinealightonMdDS!

#facesofMdDS #newontheblog #sharingiscaring #mddsJAM

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Shine a Light on MdDS

Join us and “Shine a Light on MdDS.” Whether using social media, sending out educational brochures, or wearing MdDS apparel while you’re out-and-about, your help is vital to raising awareness of MdDS.

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