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The Faces of MdDS

“Why do I feel like I am on a boat? Voila MdDS,” Elizabeth discovered.

In September 2017, my husband, my two sons (ages 20 and 21) and myself went on our first cruise, two weeks before the canaries Portugal Spain. All was well on the cruise, none of us were sea sick, but we did have rough days around the bay of biscay. On return home, my two sons […]

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The Facts of MdDS

  • It is typically triggered by motion: cars, trains, airplanes, ships, boats, and even fast elevators.
  • The average person sees 20+ doctors before getting a diagnosis.
  • Many people are suffering from MdDS and don’t know that they have it. They are undiagnosed.
  • The scale of the problem is not matched by research dollars.

The MdDS phenomenon is the natural result of the human brain adapting to environmental motion and is thus the quintessential neurological disorder.

Yoon-Hee Cha, MD

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  • Join the team! Patient based MdDS research is recruiting.

    Send participation inquiries to or look up our current trial at recruiting. Effective research requires teamwork. Research into the biological basis of MdDS has advanced rapidly in the last 10 years through the collaborative efforts of scientists, engineers, clinicians, funding organizations, and not least of all, people affected by MdDS. It would be […]


  • We can do this. I believe in you! ~ Katie

    My name is Katie Miller, and I have had MdDS since 2002. I took two short, uneventful flights on a Friday and two similar flights back on the following Sunday. I woke up that Monday with the unnerving sensation of walking on mattresses, and it looked like the walls were moving. I had absolutely no […]


  • Be Still: a Poem by Farzleen

    I am sharing my experience with fellow sufferers of this misunderstood condition because of how it took close to a year before a proper diagnosis was obtained after undergoing many tests, how frustrating and depressing it was prior to that not knowing what was actually happening to me, and for having people closest to me […]


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