Today is Social Media Day

To celebrate the third annual Social Media Day, I’d like to share something with you. I am a Facebook clutz.

At my day job, I am the purported “Social Media Guru” and yet this one took me a while to figure out. The Foundation manages two Facebook pages.

First there is a public Facebook page that anyone in Facebook’s social network can see, to read the latest news and updates about MdDS. With a potential audience of over 800 million globally, the Foundation utilizes this page to educate the general public about MdDS, Foundation activities and to make important announcements. If you have a Facebook profile and are logged in, you can see some of our followers on the public page, displayed at right.

The second page is a “Closed Group,” that is by-invitation-only. On the MdDS Friends page members can share thoughts and questions, and converse privately with members within the closed group. Even if you’ve got a Facebook profile, you won’t be able to see posts here without having been invited to join the Closed Group. However, you can request an invitation! If you have MdDS, just click on the “Join Group” button just below the photostrip here and wait for a reply.

If 140 characters is more your style, and you’re not interested in joining the masses, then Twitter is for you! The Foundation utilizes Twitter to share breaking news. Our tweets are read by followers that include NORD and Rare Disease Ledger. Viewable by anyone with an Internet connection at or automatically receive our tweets by clicking this Follow button:

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Mashable started Social Media Day to recognize the importance of social media and its role in empowering individuals and strengthening connections. Now in its third year, it has grown into a worldwide celebration.