“Let’s End JAM with a Big Bang” Matching Challenge

Thanks to all the generous supporters to our matching donation challenge we really ended with a BIG BANG. Not only did you meet the $500 challenge, you surpassed it by $455! That means that $955 was contributed to our foundation by you to MAKE THE MATCH, for a total of $1,455 contributed to the MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation!

Congratulations to all and thank you to all who contributed!

Gillie Archer
Art Bram
Catherine Brown
Marla Cruise
Teresa DeJong
Eileen Fitzgerald
James Ford
Terri Gibson
Amy Gray
Irene & Tim Hartman
Marilyn Josselyn
Pamela Meier
Cheryl Murdoch
Terry Olson
Lisa Painter
Mandy Small
T.J. Styles & Patricia Cook
Lori Tarr
Alane Wever
Virginia Wilson

Thanks to donations contributed by YOU, the Foundation is able to award grants to continue research on Mal de Débarquement Syndrome.