Donations in Memoriam

A tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor or to remember someone special. Your gift reflects your desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, just as your honoree has done for you. We thank the following for their gifts in the memory of a loved one.

Donations in Memoriam
Jason Alessandri – In memory of David Morley.
Cassandra Berman – In loving memory of David Morley.
Marilyn Josselyn – In memory of David Morley.
Althea Kelly – In memory of David Morley.
Leslie Perales – In memory of David Morley and his sons.
Todd Towles et al – In memory of David Morley.
Lina Tran – In memory of David Morley.

* * * * * *
If you’d like to make a donation in honor or memory of someone or an occasion, please use the comment field to leave a dedication when donating through Pay Pal. Alternately, you may use the Memorial or Honor Donation Form (downloadable PDF) and mail to:

MdDS Foundation
Marilyn Josselyn, President
22406 Shannondell Drive
Audubon, PA 19403

Your dedication will be recognized in our next newsletter and acknowledgement post.