#MakeADifferenceDay, Honor Donations

It’s Make A Difference Day, the perfect day to honor someone you love with a Tribute gift. Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to honor a special person or life event and also support those with MdDS. We thank the following for their gifts in honor of someone special.

Honor Donations

Welcome to this bright new world, Luke Stephen. Congratulations to the happy grandparents, Linda and all. — Marilyn and Roger Josselyn

In honor of Luke Stephen, Linda’s grandson. – Terri Gibson

Welcome, Luke! Congratulations Grandma Linda. – Deb Russo

In honor of Gary & Sue Bimmel’s 40th Anniversary – Randy & Shirley Gilliam

In honor of Eilene Toughey – The Hudsons

In honor of Lori Sparks – Mike & Terri Gibson

In Memoriam

Tribute Gifts in Memory of Virginia Zawacki

For all who live with MdDS; in memory of my wife. — Julian Zawacki

In memory of my mother, Virginia Zawacki. — Mike and Deb Russo

Butch and Terry Abbate

In memory of my beloved aunt, Virginia. — Karen Bush & Family

James and Linda Fenlason
Mike and Terri Gibson

In memory of Virginia Zawacki, Deb’s mom. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Marilyn and Roger Josselyn

Victoria Kupiec
Linda McManus
Paula and Don Moran
Jack and Linda Paydos
Carmen, Susan, and Emily Russo (Matching from John Hancock)
David and Deborah Russo
Mary Silva

In memory of our friend, Virginia Zawacki. — Mr. and Mrs. S. Slowik

Ursula and James St. Amand
Barbara and George Stolgitis
Kathleen and Donald Tassinari
Patricia Hogan Welch
Gina and James Whipple
The Wojtowiczs

Is there someone special that you would like to honor?

If there is, please consider making a donation in their name. Simply use PayPal and type your dedication in the “Write a note” field, or mail in your tribute gift with a Memorial or Honor Donation Form. Download and print the form (PDF) and send to:
MdDS Foundation
Marilyn Josselyn, President
22406 Shannondell Drive
Audubon, PA 19403

Your dedication will be recognized in our next newsletter or acknowledgment post.

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  1. Linda Gold

    Hi. I have had mdds since 1997 after a 10 day cruise. It lasted 6months. I got it 2 times after from long flights. They each lasted 8 months. 2 years ago I got it spontaneously and it has never left me. I am worse before rain and windy days I am worse as well. I take clonazapam before I fly and never fly more than 5 hour flights. It has stopped me from travel which I loved. Hope they find a cure!!

    1. MdDS Foundation

      Hi, Linda. It is good to know that you have experienced remission, and we hope you achieve it again soon. Please know that the Foundation will not stop working to find treatments and a cure, so that every MdDS Warrior can get their life back and get back to what they love, especially travel!

      1. Hi, I’m 51 year old female. I was diagnosed with MdDS almost a year ago. Because I have tinnitus in my left ear, I had an extensive workup showing that I may have endolymph hydrops too ( high pressure in my inner ear). It’s confusing because my rocking sensation and mental fogginess are worse before getting my period and when I am very stressed. Anybody else have similar symptoms? I am a pediatrician and going through this has been very difficult.

        1. MdDS Foundation

          Maria, stress is probably the #1 exacerbator of symptoms. It is noted on our Coping Tips page.

          If you join one of our support groups and use the Search feature, you’ll find that an increase in symptoms just prior to your cycle is commonly reported. As noted in our FAQs, “As with many chronic illnesses, many women experience increased symptoms before or during their menstrual cycle. MdDS is more common in women than men (9:1), however, the role of hormones in the exacerbation/remission of MdDS symptoms is not understood.”

          Tinnitus is also frequently discussed by members. They are from almost 60 countries can offer much advice and support, so we encourage you to join. Learn more on our Find Support page.

          1. Thank you for responding. I have not been able to join the support group from FB. I will try tomorrow. I just want to mention that the tinnitus decreased noticeably after taking a combination of hydroclorothiazode and triamterene prescribed by an Otologist, which has been a great relief. Being “dizzy” and having that constant buzz in my left ear was nerve breaking.

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