𝙼𝚍𝙳𝚂 𝚂𝚝𝚞𝚍𝚢, hand embroidery on canvas

TRIGGER WARNING: may trigger those with visual sensitivity.

I am trying to make some work that conveys what MdDS feels like. Does this make you want to get off the boat?

colorful swirls embroidered on canvas

M.D.D.S Study, 2023, hand embroidery on canvas

M.D.D.S Study, 2023, hand embroidery on canvas

by Lucy Newman @lucyjnewmanstudio

LAST CALL. There’s one week left in MdDS Awareness Month. We can share your visualizations and amplify your vision and voice on Instagram and Twitter as @mddsfoundation, Facebook as mddsfoundation.org, and our website if you write to us TODAY. Send your story and original artwork with title [no stock images or copyrighted material (unless it belongs to you) PNG preferred] to connect@mddsfoundation.org and a board director will be in touch with you. Add your voice and vision to ours and make a bigger impact!

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  1. Joanna Richardson

    This is beautiful work/artistry and yes, I definitely feel the motion in this piece!

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