The Silver Lining in My Hot Water Tank

iGive.comAbout a month ago, I went downstairs to wash the laundry, only to discover that the hot water tank had sprung a leak. A very bad leak. Water was gushing out like someone had opened up a faucet. So instead of doing the laundry (darn!), I started shopping for a new water heater.

I’d completely forgotten that I’d registered with iGive, but as soon as I went to, a little popup showed up to tell me that 1.2% of my purchase would be donated to the MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation. That might seem like a small donation, but since I ended up replacing the broken tank with an expensive tankless water heater, the Home Depot made a donation on my behalf in the amount of $12.

So in addition to not having to do the laundry, I found a $12 silver lining in my broken hot water tank.

There are over a thousand online retailers linked to iGive, providing donations ranging from 0.4% to as high as 30%. And not only is registering with iGive free, you can receive up to a $10 bonus thanks to their One Million Buttons for Change promotion going on now! You can even use your Facebook profile to join, and everything is automatic after that. All you have to do is shop like you do normally. (Make sure you’ve enabled pop-ups in your browser so your shopping is recognized.)

Change shopping for good… to get started, just click on the iGive image below.

One Million Buttons for Change

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  1. IMPORTANT NOTE FROM iGIVE: The only way to get a donation from Amazon purchases is to ensure you are logged into and use an iGive site link to the store. Our favorite page to bookmark is:

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