Study on Treatment of Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

NEW STUDY ANNOUNCEMENT: Have you been experiencing persistent rocking sensation and diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement (MdDS)?

If the answer is YES, you may be eligible to participate in a study of MdDS.

The goal of the study is to investigate the effectiveness of a behavioral treatment of MdDS. Your postural stability and personal feelings about the rocking sensation will be evaluated before and after treatment. The typical study duration is 1.5 hours for one day and will be followed by email or phone for up to 2 months. However, you may be asked to come back for a maximum 4 visits in 4 days. Some participants may experience improvement after the treatment. Monetary compensation will be provided for effort and time.

The study includes all ages and will be conducted in The Human Balance Laboratory of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City. Details and contact information are available in this PDF (automatic download).

For further information on this new study, please call Mingjia Dai, PhD, at (212) 241-8750 or via email.


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  1. I would very much like to take part in some sort of research into this disorder, but cannot travel to New York or L.A. or London! Isn’t there somewhere in the Tampa/St. Petesburg/Clearwater area of Florida?????? Plus, i DO NOT subscribe to any of the social network sites, i.e., twitter, facebook, etc. email is it.

    1. We have reached out to our Yahoo and Facebook Support Groups but, to our dismay, you are right. Nobody has been able to make a practitioner recommendation for you. We need to educate doctors in your area! We know you are handing out foundational brochures. Thank you! We’ll keep working on our end.

      1. catluvrmh

        Hi, again. I did ask that copies of the brochure be sent to me by snail mail; none has arrived! i tried copying, but the duplexing has escaped me. (I am afflicted with MdDS remember?) anyway, i’m going to try again to copy the brochure. either it will be successful or it won’t. i’m sorry the ones promised never arrived… the doctors will just have to turn the thing over.

        my next appointment is this coming Monday – i’m going to ask him to send me to an ENT person for an in-depth evaluation to see if in fact the inner ear is responsible for this very frustating malady. i doubt it. i still think it’s all the additives in the foods and drinks as another way for “them” to make a bundle of money, never mind the negative results on the population. when i was a kid we never heard of ADD, ADHD, autism, MdDS, or any number of new allergies we’re subject to! the air is filthy, the water isn’t as great as it shoud be, and the food? forget that! read the labels on some of the things for sale in the grocery stores! the list is longer than my arm! and they are all unpronounceable words of chemicals i never heard of. makes me soooo angry!

        anyway, keep up the good work, and make it easier for us out here to access your sites, too many unfamiliar names to remember or emails to get to. KISS. btw, this has taken me a half hour to record. not good. oh well…

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