More Cities Added to the MdDS Walk Series

AWARENESS WALK UPDATE: Last week we added 8 pins to the Rock’n Stroll map, and we now have walkers and cyberwalkers in 3 countries. What exactly is a cyberwalker, you ask?
At it’s simplest, a cyberwalker is anyone who wants to support the walk series but isn’t able to join one of our organized events. To cyberwalk, all you do is register and walk where ever you might be on the day of the Rock’n Stroll. Send us a picture of you walking to the fridge in your Rock’n Stroll tee, and we’ll add it to our photo gallery of walkers. Even if you’re not walking with a buddy that day, you’ll see that you’re not alone. We’re in this together.

A cyberwalker can also be a person who wants to join a team in another city, without actually traveling. Just indicate which team you’re cyberwalking for when you register online. Team Denver is lucky and has two cyberwalkers, both in Iowa! And I hate to break it to you, Team MA Walks for MdDS, but my sister and her family in Massachusetts is cyberwalking for Team Denver, too.

Teams that could use cyberwalker support include:
• Massachusetts Walks for MdDS – register for their Team or contribute on their Team fundraising page.
• Wisconsin Walks for MdDS on 9/23, 1PM at Alterra on the Lake. Register for their Team or contribute on their Team fundraising page.
• Art Bram in NY (here is his Team-of-One fundraising page)

I am still working to wrangle up the Top Team Award, so stay tuned for news on that. Meanwhile the latest details are up on the registration site for both Art’s half-marathon run and the H-Town Rockers’ kick-off walk on September 15.

Please remember, whether you sign up as a cyberwalker or donate on the fundraising pages, your contribution is completely tax-deductible. We are all volunteers (and all MdDSers, too) so 96% of your donation will go straight toward education and research efforts. Thank you for your support.


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  1. How do I sign up as cyber walker?

    1. mddsfoundation

      Thanks for your enquiry! To cyberwalk, please buy a ticket on the Rock’n Stroll Registration Site at With your ticket purchase, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes; the full ticket price is tax deductible.

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