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In case you are not familiar, a friendraiser is an event hosted by a foundation or its board members to cultivate donors by having current supporters bring a friend. The event is typically a closed, private party with good drink, good food, and even entertainment.

But we’re not typical, are we? Of course we enjoy, good drink, good food and entertainment. But to us, a friendraiser is simple. If you’re a friend and you help us raise funds or awareness, then you’re a FriendRaiser. And since it’s June Awareness Month (JAM), we’ve added new items to our Friendraiser store to help you on both fronts.

Shirts, caps, mugs… every item sold in the Friendraiser store sends a dollar the way of the Foundation to support its goals of raising awareness, supporting research, and MdDS patient advocacy. Please be a FriendRaiser today and shop at www.printfection.com/walk4mdds


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  1. Marge Hodgen

    Thanks for this, but I almost missed it. Having a name like ‘comment’ is too general. Could you rename your email ‘MdDS COMMENT’ instead? ‘comment’ doesn’t immediately tell me who you are, and with dozens of emails a day coming in the ones i don’t instantly recognize get purged and I miss them! Please consider changing the name… Thanks for your attention.

    1. mddsfoundation

      Thanks for the alert, Marge. We weren’t aware of this. We don’t want any of our announcements to be missed, and we will look into the Administrator settings to see what we can do.

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