There’s just one week left to JAM. Let’s end it with a BANG!

We made the match.

It’s been a very busy and active June Awareness Month (JAM). Over 500 professional brochures have been mailed around the world in efforts to educate the public and professionals about Mal de Débarquement Syndrome. Many people are doing once-a-day informational posts on their Facebook pages, and others are donating to keep the efforts alive. We’d like to extend a very sincere thanks to all who have contributed to this MdDS Foundation awareness and fund-raising campaign.

Donations will support much-needed MdDS research. So far, we have received $260 towards the $500 matching challenge. The June 29 deadline for this challenge is quickly approaching. However, new pledges have now been promised! If we match an additional $1,000 by July 6, we can easily turn $1,500 into $3,000. Your help is vital… no amount is too small and all contributions will make a difference. Together we can meet this challenge.

Donations can be processed securely on our website or by check payment sent to:
  MdDS Foundation
  c/o Marilyn Josselyn
  22406 Shannondell Drive
  Audubon, PA 19406

Your donations help the MdDS Foundation in the following ways:

  • $15 covers the cost for one month of the secure survey site
  • $25 sends 35 informational brochures to a healthcare provider
  • $50 supports the MdDS contact site for 4 months
  • $100 keeps our informational web site online for one year
  • $120 provides 6 hours of technical/analysis time for one research subject
  • $300 pays an annual software licensing fee for imaging research
  • $350 provides one rTMS session X 7–8 sessions/subject
  • $500–$1000 covers registration fees for a non-profit to attend a medical conference
  • $600 covers one fMRI scan on a research subject
  • $1,800 covers one PET scan on a research subject
  • $20,000 covers a pilot study into the etiology of MdDS


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  1. catluvrmh

    this message arrived with the ridiculous robotic address!!!! you want ME to fix MY p.c. to get your emails in proper fashion. sorry, that’s not how it works! i’ve even tried twice to answer this the way it shows to answer, with no success!!! i have been working computers for years and years and YEARS , i receive emails from organizations much larger than MdDS, and have NEVER received mail sent by a robot that i know of, or if i did, it was readily aoparent where the email was generated!!! NEVER from ”comment…” remember – i have a syndrome that causes confustion and frustration. you should undertand i need it made easier to read your emails – not more difficult! i know i’m not the only one who has missed emails because of this…

    1. mddsfoundation

      Marge, we just sent you an email because we really want to fix this for you. While we are working on it, if anyone else is getting emails with a sender name other than mddsfoundation or MdDS Foundation Blog, please let us know. Notification emails automatically generated by our site robot and sent to site subscribers will have a reply-to address of donotreply@wordpress and should have a sender name of MdDS Foundation Blog or simply mddsfoundation. Also, when you receive notifications, they always say [New Post] in the subject line. If anyone is having a different experience, PLEASE LET US KNOW.

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