Meet Jodi L., MdDS Awareness Star

Since my newspaper article last November, I have had a crazy year with health issues with my son and husband. But I want to share some things I have been doing to raise awareness about MdDS. I created a packet that I give to professionals. It includes my newspaper article, the MdDS brochure and small paragraph about me trying to raise awareness.

Jodi at an awareness walk in her MdDS Warrior t-shirt

I was in Charlottesville, Virginia, on several occasions with my son. I took my packet to the neurology department at the University of Virginia Hospital and University of Virginia ENT clinic.

While in Roanoke, Virginia, with my husband, I gave a packet to the chief of neurology and department secretary at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute.

I also delivered a packet to the head of physical therapy at Jefferson College of Health Sciences. A few other professionals have received brochures, too:  the nurses in the ER at the VA when my husband was hospitalized; his home health physical therapist who was very interested in learning about MdDS and the vestibular system; his out-patient physical therapist; and I offered to provide an in-service to the therapists.

This week, I participated in a heart walk and wore my MdDS shirt. ~Jodi L.

You can read Jodi’s newspaper article, “Solid land feels like rolling ocean to Boones Mill woman with rare disorder,” on our Media page.

You can get an MdDS shirt like Jodi’s here:

Send your request for brochures or quick reference MdDS cards to Volunteers — all MdDS warriors, too — will have them in the mail to you at their first opportunity.


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  1. Ita McErlean

    Hi I have just come across this article. After 12 years of living with anxiety and stress because of a condition diagnosed as vertigo which I know it isn’t. I went to New York in 2007, my first long haul flight from Northern Ireland and within 3 days of my stay I began having severe symptoms of movement like my body was out of sync with my legs and a weird feeling of heaviness. I struggled for over a year with it morning, noon and night. Treated with meds for mental illness and nausea. It was hell. Gradually I got peace and normality for about 6/7 years. I still get it off and on but right now it’s almost daily but not as intense as the first time. My GP won’t give me anything as she says it isn’t vertigo but has me on anti depressant. I’m referred to ENT and want to take info to my first consult. HELP

    1. MdDS Foundation

      The Foundation does not diagnose, offer medical advice, or provided one-on-one counseling. If you suspect that you have Mal de Débarquement Syndrome, you will need to consult with a doctor to develop a plan of action. You may also be interested in our online support group on Facebook, MdDS Friends. Members are from around the world, many in Europe.

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