Russell’s Busy Day at the Lake

I had just spent the 2016 Memorial Day weekend on my parent’s boat and dock. After leaving the lake, we stopped at a favorite eatery. I finally sat down for the first time and felt “it.” I looked at my wife and asked, “Does the floor feel like it’s moving?”

Like many sufferers I did not know what “it” was, and the drive from the dock to the restaurant had masked any symptoms. But I lived on a dizzying, rocking dock around the clock for the next three months.

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Elaine’s Story of Remission, Compassion and Advocacy

My name is Elaine Schlissel. I am 65 years old and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. In June 2010, a cruise changed my life. The cruise was a long anticipated celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time, until shortly after the ship docked at our final port. I sensed that the boat was […]

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