Floating Away

I call this “Floating Away,” as I am constantly feeling that I am floating or bobbing in water, or floating on clouds. I have had MdDS three separate times, with my current episode occurring right now. I am on the 6th month of this episode.

Floating Away, hand-drawn illustration by Alexis Dolgoff. “The calendar and squiggly lines represent the anxiety and mental chaos due to how long I have suffered with this condition. Getting through each minute, each day, each month. Always wondering each day, when will it finally go away? While I try to maintain a calm mind set with uplifting thoughts, meditation, and vagus nerve stimulation for positive neuroplasticity, it is still extremely hard to deal with the anxiety and mental destruction that MdDS creates.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I have been writing a medical book to go into details of all vestibular disorders but especially MdDS and my entire experience with it. The whole truth of it. My hope is to not only increase the recognition of MdDS but to also bring knowledge, comfort and strength to those suffering with MdDS.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be creative and express what I feel on paper, since putting it into words is sometimes so incredibly difficult. ~Alexis Dolgoff, DPT

A Note on Getting Diagnosed

While primarily diagnosed by an otolaryngologist or neurologist, you can get a diagnosis from a Physical Therapist, Family Doctor, or any health care professional that is familiar with MdDS. The diagnostic criteria published in the Journal of Vestibular Research is a valuable reference that helps differentiate MdDS from BPPV, Vestibular Migraine and other similar disorders.


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  1. Gordon Dunkin

    If there is no cure for MdDS, how could one have it “three” times?

    1. MdDS Foundation

      There is no cure yet. More research is needed. To answer your question: For some, the disorder is self-limiting, resolving on it’s own. Unfortunately, MdDS is episodic for many. Generally, each recurrence lasts longer than the previous episode.

  2. Diana Grubbs

    Why is a diagnosis necessary?
    What tests are used for a diagnosis?

    1. MdDS Foundation

      A diagnosis is helpful for those applying for Disability but otherwise isn’t necessary. An official diagnosis is also validating and helps many starts taking forward steps in their health journey. As for tests, none are needed and, indeed, none exist that can provide an MdDS diagnosis. Most doctors order tests to exclude other conditions, which is why most test show “normal” results.

  3. Marie Fidler

    Hi Alexis,

    I would be happy and excited to share some information on my experience and self management of mdds which you may find interesting?

    I don’t really do Facebook so here’s my email address [redacted].
    Kind Regards,


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