Portrait of MdDS, a #selfie

“I created this for my two year anniversary of living with daily symptoms from a complex neurological disorder. The image speaks to the confusing and disorienting nature of my daily reality. On the outside, no one would know that my world rocks and sways and spins and turns, but on the inside I have to work to remain calm and grounded.

MdDS has forced me to learn to slow down and put my own needs first at times. It has also taught me that life can change in an instant. These are incredible lessons.” ~Brittany Ashcraft

double exposure of a woman

MdDS warriors, what lessons have you learned? Show Brittany some support and leave a comment. ⬇️


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  1. Frances

    First I thought I had this, then I thought I had Vertigo. Now I am feeling light headed, like I am going to have one of these, full blown. I don’t know What I had,or have, but it truly is hell on earth….

  2. Maryanne K

    This year marks my tenth anniversary of living with this nightmare. So hard to put yourself first when others don’t understand what you are experiencing.

  3. Jerry

    Get in touch with Dr.Cha,she is a leading researcher in the field of MdDs.I think she can help you. I don’t know where she is now but she used to be in Oklahoma

    1. MdDS Foundation

      Thank you for mentioning Dr. Cha. Her MdDS expertise is world renowned. She is currently conducting research at the University of Minnesota. You can learn more about her and her research, past and current, on the Research page of this website.

  4. Rowyn Capers

    Really nicely portrayed of the hell we experience. Thank you xoxo

  5. LeClaire Leno

    I am with you as I have had MdDS since 2016. I am believing God will heal me. Praying for your insight and release Lord God from this torment in the Name of Jesus.

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