🌟 Donor All-Stars

Along with several annual donors, since 2009 a small group of people have unknowingly become a team of rare champions. These friends and family members have continually shown their support of the MdDS community and their commitment to our mission and goals. They’ve proven that small donations over time are just as impactful as any large one-time donation, and together they have raised more than $6,000.

Thank you for being Donor All-Stars.

Sandy Brignac ⭐ since 2013
Gill Devereux ⭐ since 2011
Amy Gray ⭐ since 2009
William Hazen ⭐ since 2014
Jade L. ⭐ since 2014
Linda McManus ⭐ since 2014
Mandy Small ⭐ since 2010

Through monthly recurring donations, Donor All-Stars help the Foundation to improve operations and outreach, and manage recurring expenses like these.

Select Recurring Expenses
✅ Survey site for secure patient data collection: $500 annually
✅ Brochure printing & mailing: $1,200 annually
✅ Association dues, licenses, professional & administrative fees: $3,500 annually

Are You Ready to be a Donor All-Star, too?

The updated website was well-received by medical professionals, and now we could really use help covering the cost to update, print and deliver new brochures to them: $3,000. Please schedule a recurring donation today using the button on the right side of this page.

You can make a real difference.

The Foundation thanks another All-Star, George Alvarado, for volunteering to handle brochure requests. George is on active duty in the Air Force and after more than a year of dedication to the MdDS community, it is time to give him a break from volunteer service. If you are interested in volunteering to mail out brochures, please contact us! We’ll provide you with brochures and details.

UPDATE: Thank you for responding so enthusiastically to volunteer. Our brochure needs are filled. For other volunteer opportunities, see our Volunteering page.

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  1. Muriel McHardy

    I am going to try my first cruise after 4 years of having MdDS. I leave tomorrow for 7 days along the coast.

    1. Joy Hagstrom

      You are very brave, Muriel. I have had MdDS for 6 years and have been told by my doctors to never go on a boat again because it can make your MdDS symptoms worse. I wasn’t diagnosed until last year and so went on two more cruises after the onset. My symptoms did get much worse after each cruise. I wanted you to have this information in case you haven’t been informed of this. If you know this and are still going on your cruise, I wish you a wonderful trip. I miss the experience of going on the water immensely.

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